TIEA LTD can provide essential advice and assistance in the following areas


In co-ordination with your archive head, we undertake an assessment of numbers of titles, formats, genres and condition. We also separate imported & purchased materials from genuine archive material.


After separating foreign film and tape material from your valuable archive material, we arrange the transportation of it back to TIEA base and eventually back to the originating broadcaster. All costs are covered by TIEA.


Our assessor will provide accurate costings for the transfer of analogue videotape and film materials to new digital formats for permanent storage.


We will plan an electronic database of your film, videotape and electronic archive, complete with new cataloguing systems and a workflow to manage it.

We can advise on the best restoraton method for material at risk and provide the restoration service.

This includes:

  • Format Transfer (2" Quadruplex, 1" A & C format, U-Matic, Shibaden)
  • Film polishing & Cleaning
  • Re-waxing of projection prints
  • Telecine to standard and high definition
  • Film scanning
  • Create viewing copies (DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS)


If you don't see any services listed which you may be interested in please contact us as we may be able to assist you.





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