About Us


TIEA is an independent archive presentation and recovery organisation created by Phillip Morris (Executive Director), with the sole purpose of preserving international foreign cultures TV and Radio Heritage


Television International Enterprises and Archives LTD (TIEA) operates in a very competitive worldwide media environment. We provide advice and assistance in all aspects of the care and storage of archival materials. This includes 16 & 35mm negatives and prints, 2 inch (Quadruplex) videotape, 1 inch A & C format videotape, industrial 1 inch videotape and analogue cassette formats (Philips 1500/1700), U-Matic, Beta SP & MII). Additionally through our network of industry contacts, we can also source parts for most film and videotape equipment whether it is still in everyday use or not. Alternatively we can source a reliable transfer facility for any format your material resides on.

TIEA also offers a unique service to all televisual archives across the globe. We identify purchased material in archives and return them to the country of origin. The major benefit is that the host archive no longer has to pay to store and manage this excess material, nor pay for the disposal of it. The originating  archive benefits by having spare copies for resale. This service costs the host archive nothing at all

We can provide free playback equipment on all formats to assist in the migration of materials on to a new format all transit costs of materials is covered by ourselves we are the world leader in archive assistance.



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